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Last Updated: April 22, 2018
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  CanMar Grain Products Ltd.  
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Address: 2480 Sandra Schmirler Way
Regina, SK, S4W 1B7 Canada
Contact: Cecil Warner, President
Phone: (306) 721-1375
Toll Free Number: (866) 855-5553
Fax: 306-721-1378
web site:
Description: Flax For Nutrition Flax seed, botanical name "linum usitatissimum" of the Linaceae family derives from the blue flowering plants foremost grown in Western Canada and the Northern United States. Flax seed belongs to the oil seeds and as such consists mostly of important oils. The nutritional composition differs from that of other major oilseeds such as canola and sunflowers. Golden Roasted Flaxseed is valued for its abundance of total oil which provide a unique mixture of important fatty acids. Various fatty acids take upon different roles. Golden Roasted Flaxseed provides an abundance of polyunsaturated fatty acids particular the Alpha Linolenic Acid (omega-3 ALA polyunsaturated fatty acids) and low levels of the Linoleic Acid (omega-6 LA polyunsaturated fatty acid). Both fatty acids are essential for life, they need to be obtained from the diet because our bodies cannot produce them. One third of the entire golden flaxseed consists of the important omega-3 ALA fatty acids. Golden Roasted Flaxseed is very low in saturated fats and provides modest levels of monounsatured fats.
Products / Services: Organic Golden Roasted Flax Seed Organic Milled Golden Roasted Flax Seed Organic Milled Golden Roasted Flax Seed with Pomagranate Organic Milled Golden Roasted Flax Seed with Dark Chocolate

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