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Last Updated: March 17, 2018
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  Heavenly Organics LLC  
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Address: 500 N 3rd St Ste 105
Fairfield, IA, 52556 USA
Contact: Amit Hooda, Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (641) 472-0745
Toll Free Number: (866) 243-7096
Fax: (866) 243-7096
web site:
Description: Heavenly Organics, LLC is a grower, producer and worldwide distributor of premium organic food ingredients and products. Heavenly Organics™ is passionately committed to promoting and building the organic industry on a worldwide basis. We are also compassionately dedicated to promoting cruelty-free, eco-friendly and sustainable farming as a way of life. We believe it is not enough today to simply be organic. We believe in having respect for all life and this means that farming should be beneficial to the earth, kind to the farmers, and cruelty-free to the animals that produce nourishing food for us.
Products / Services: Heavenly Organics™ Rare Wild Forest Honey is collected by traditional groups of tribal bee hunters from wild beehives found deep within the virgin forestlands of central India. These virgin forestlands have a diverse variety of plants and flowers long revered for their health-promoting properties. Expert foragers harvest this honey without the use of smoke or any process that causes harm to the bees, their hives, or the forest vegetation. Each batch of Heavenly Organics™ Wild Forest Honey has unique properties owing to the seasonal flowers blooming at the time of harvesting. Heavenly Organics™ Rare Himalayan Wild Honey originates in the isolated valleys high in the Himalayan Mountains near the source of the Ganges River.
Brand Category:  Brand Name
dairy products:Heavenly Organics Sweetened Condensed Milk
sweeteners and syrups:Heavenly Sugar
Certifier: Ecocert
Regions: Asia , Europe , USA

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dairy products  
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