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Last Updated: March 19, 2018
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  Ash Street Organics  
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Address: 99 Glenview Ave
Toronto, ON, M4R 1R1 Canada
Contact: Kelly Monaghan, President
Phone: (416) 482-8625
Fax: (416) 482-8625
web site:
Description: Ash Street Organics Inc. is an organic inspecting and consulting firm based in Toronto, Canada with extensive hands-on experience in the organic industry in the United States, Europe & Canada.
Products / Services: Kelly Monaghan, Ash Street Organics, is an active organic inspector, consultant, trainer and board member in Canada’s organic industry. She is an Accredited Process Inspector of the International Organic Inspectors Association (IOIA) and works for a variety of international certification bodies. Kelly consults with companies of all sizes regarding organic certification and standards compliance. She is the Guelph Food Technology Centre’s organic consultant and specialist. As an active curriculum designer and trainer, Kelly works for governmental agencies and private institutions to teach certifiers, inspectors and producers about organic standards and regulations. She is an elected member of the Standards Interpretation Committee, a group working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to provide clarity to users of the Canadian organic standard and permitted substances lists. Kelly currently sits on the boards of Canada Organic Trade Association, the Guelph Organic Conference and is working with OMRI Canada as a Review Panel Member and member of OMRI’s Canadian Project Committee. Kelly is a past Chair of Canada’s Organic Technical Committee (the industry group that writes and revises the Canadian Organic Standard) and remains on that Committee as a representative of the International Organic Inspectors Association. She has an MBA from York University in Toronto and can be reached via
Founded: 2003
Regions: Canada , Europe , USA

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