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Last Updated: March 23, 2018
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  Global Organics, LLC  
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DBA:  BioKool, BioFlora 
Address: 4050 S Sarival Ave.
Goodyear, AZ, 85338-3504 USA
Contact: Michael Lindsey, President of Research & Development
Phone: (623) 932-1522
Toll Free Number: (800) 246-3567
Fax: (623) 932-3533
web site:
Description: Global Organics, the worlds first family of organics, includes Biokool™ for nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals; Bioflora for certified organic crop production products and Green Acres for producing certified organic wheat and alfalfa. The Bio Flora™ line includes ten approved for organic prodution and fifteen sustainable products. OMRI listed BioKool™ products include a mineral livestock feed supplement suitable for use in an organic production system..
Products / Services: Today's farm owners and managers face unprecedented competitive pressures from all regions of the world. To meet these pressures, there is an even greater focus on agricultural skills and systems that produce higher yields, lower costs - yielding maximum profits. With the BioFlora Sustainable System, these critical solutions are achieved with the strong consumer benefits of measurable improvement in product appearance and quality. As well as significant improvement in environmental safety and conservation.
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