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Last Updated: May 20, 2018
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  Colorado Naturals  
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DIVISION OF: Kasel Industries
Address: 3350 Blake St
Denver, CO, 80205-2429 USA
Contact: Ray Kasel, President
Phone: (303) 296-4417
Fax: (303) 296-9952
web site:
Description: Our business is pet care. Colorado Naturals processes treats that are safe, nutritious and beneficial to the health of your pet. 100% natural and chemical free- no artificial coloring of any kind is used. Our products are made from raw ingredients obtained from USDA inspected meat plants here in the USA. We slow roast our products in our own state-inspected plants, at temperatures that bring out the flavors that dogs love and to insure a quality product that is wholesome and safe for your pet. Because they love the all-natural flavors of these products, they make great reward and training incentives.
Products / Services: Our products are marketed under the Colorado Naturals logo. We offer Roasted Pig Ears, Bacon Rind Retriever Rolls, bully sticks, roasted lamb lung and lamb hearts, roasted beef and bison bones, beef liver steaks and baked trachea (a valuable natural source of glucosamine).
Founded: 1990
Mail Order: Yes
Regions: USA

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