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Last Updated: March 17, 2018
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  California Baby  
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DIVISION OF: Honky Tots, Inc.
Address: 5933 Bowcroft St
Los Angeles, CA, 90016 USA
Contact: Jessica Iclisoy, President & Developer
Phone: (310) 815-8201
web site:
Description: Long before organic became fashionable, California Baby products have included organic and sustainable herbs and essential oils. Our ingredients are third-party tested, to ensure that no pesticides or synthetic additives are present. We only buy from farmers that we know. California Baby was the first product line to introduce the concept of aromatherapy for children using only pure, organic and sustainable essential oils in place of synthetic fragrances—which can trigger allergies especially in young ones. When we introduced our 'Super Sensitive No Fragrance' collection, many consumers didn't realize that most products that claim to be fragrance free actually have a scent masking agent added to make it smell like nothing.
Products / Services: California Baby® produces a full line of bath and beauty essentials that are suitable for infants, children and adults. The products are formulated with aromatherapy-quality essential oils, non-invasive cleansing and bubbling agents, cold-pressed vegetable oils, food-grade preservatives, and active botanicals. We use only pure aromatherapy quality essential oils that are tested for purity and guaranteed pesticide free. A collection of no fragrance Super Sensitive products are also available. No sulfates, nut oils, gluten, soy, oat or diary ingredients are used in our products. In keeping with the California Baby® philosophy, the company does not test on animals and uses organically grown and vegetarian ingredients whenever possible.

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