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Last Updated: May 25, 2018
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  Best Cooking Pulses, Inc.  
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Address: 124-10th St NE
Portage la Prairie, MB, R1N 1B5 Canada
Contact: Margaret Hughes, Sales & Marketing
Phone: (204) 857-4451
Fax: (204) 239-6885
web site:
Description: A Canadian family owned agrifoods business active in the international pulse trade since 1936. BEST brand products are made from non-GMO field peas that have been nurtured by our growers and sun-dried. We have two plants on the prairies. In Saskatchewan, we split and polish peas for domestic and international markets. BEST Green Split Peas are the Canadian standard, known for their excellent polish texture and appealing taste. In Manitoba we mill fiber, bran and flours that are sold into the bakery, processed meat, and pet food industries throughout the world. BEST pea fiber is approved as a dietary fiber by Health Canada's Bureau of Nutritional Sciences. All BEST products offer a clean-label, are kosher certified, and halal approved.
Products / Services: BEST brand products include: - Polished green and yellow peas - Whole green and yellow peas - BEST pea fiber - Pea bran meal-for use in pet food and feed - Pulse flours, yellow or green, whole or split pea flours, chickpea flour, custom grinds - Roasted pea snack
Brand Category:  Brand Name
flours and meals:BEST Pulse Flours and Fiber
Certifier: OPAM
Founded: 1936
Regions: Canada , Central America , Europe , Local , Mexico , Pacific Rim , South America , USA

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dietary fiber pea fiber
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split yellow pea
whole yellow pea flour
vegetables, dried green split peas
whole green peas
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yellow split peas
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