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Last Updated: March 23, 2018
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  Herbarie at Stoney Hill Farm, Inc., The  
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Address: 630 Turner Rd
Prosperity, SC, 29127 USA
Contact: Angela Turner, President
Phone: (803) 364-9979
web site:
Description: We are a wholesale supplier of natural and organic source ingredients for the cosmetics and toiletries, personal care, spa and wellness industries. Our mission is to bring nature and science together to offer the best in innovative, natural source products. The Herbarie is built around our commitment to quality and ethics, a responsibility to the environment, and the best in customer service. We promote holistic health and well-being. We believe in the blending of science and nature for the good of all. We are passionate about what we do and we strive to share this passion with our customers.
Products / Services: Herbarie Product Tradename and organic certified: Aloe Vera Spray Dried Powder 200x, Shea Butter, Acai Oil, Acai Extract WS, Acai Powder, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, High Oleic Sunflower Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Amaranth Seed CO2-to Extract, Ginger Root CO2-to Extract, Ginger Root CO2-to Extract, Jojoba Oil, Oatstraw-Green Tops, Olive Leaf Powder, Orange Peel Powder, Pomegranate Seed CO2-to Extract, Rose Hip Seed CO2-to Extract, Rose Hips Powder,Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2-to Extract.
Certifier: Clemson

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Commercial Activity:
Key Words:  Specific Key words
aloe vera none selected
fragrance ingredients none selected
fruit, dried acai powder
herbs, medicinal and other none selected
oils acai
olive, extra virgin
shea butter
sunflower, high oleic
Personal Care Products

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