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Last Updated: March 23, 2018
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  Clear Creek Organics LTD.  
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Address: Box 177
Pangman, SK, S0C 2C0 Canada
Contact: Gene Kessler, CEO
Phone: (306) 442-4625
Fax: (306) 442-4747
web site:
Description: We are the Canadian Prairies. Clear Creek Organics is a dedicated supplier of Certified Organic Beef proudly grown in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Our values are simple: raise the finest quality Organic Beef, avoid harmful activities that may harm the beef and pass the value onto the customer. Cattle raised by CCO are never forced to grow through unnatural processes and in turn, produce fresh, flavorful and nutritious all-beef products. If you are feeding your customers or feeding your family, we have the right beef for you. Our commitment to our animals, community and our customers is all we have.. Well that and the best beef available!
Products / Services: We have the right Organic Beef for any occasion. Take a look at all of our all-beef options made to order: Classic Organic Ground Beef - Bulk, Patties or Pre-mixed with our unique blend of spices Classic Organic Steak - pre-packaged, boxed or in sub-primals. Specialty Organic Beef Jerky - Bulk or Pre-packaged Spiced Organic Franks Specialty House Organic Smokies - Cheddar Cheese or our traditionally Three Pepper Smokies Spicy Beef Sticks - Eaten as is, cut for pizza topping or cooked as part of a meal. Tender, Flavorful Organic Roasts - cut to order
Certifier: Ecocert

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