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Last Updated: May 20, 2018
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Home > Company Name Search > Inert Gas Injection, LLC (IGI, LLC)
  Inert Gas Injection, LLC (IGI, LLC)  
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Address: 600 West Taddei Rd.
Acampo, CA, 95220 USA
Contact: Alfred Dentone, President
Phone: (209) 366-1859
web site:
Description: Inert Gas Injection, LLC (IGI) specializes in the production of equipment that eradicates subterranean rodents utilizing an environmentally safe and non-toxic approach. “The Eliminator®” may be used where these pests are a problem. Our product is allowed in organic farming and livestock. The inert gas (CO2) used by this dispensing device is approved as defined by the OMRI lists as USDA NOP rule 205.105.
Products / Services: The patented technology provides a biologically efficient solution that allows elimination of the targeted species with no residual chemical to harm children, pets, wildlife or the aquifer. Since an inert gas is used for eradication “The Eliminator®” may be safely used in school yards, playgrounds, public sports fields and municipal parks. The CO2, is delivered directly into the pest's burrows. The inert gas “The Eliminator®” utilizes is heavier than air so it sinks in the burrows and tunnels and displaces available air with CO2. The CO2 immediately dissipates when it comes in contact with the surface. There is no noise associated with its use so livestock, pets and other animals will not be frightened or harmed.

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