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Last Updated: March 19, 2018
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Home > Company Name Search > Hibernia Misiones S.A.
  Hibernia Misiones S.A.    
  Diso 6-Edificio Plaza Center
Address: 2351 Au. Aviadores del Charo
Asuncion 1771, Paraguay
Contact: Juan Chanfreau, Director
Phone: 595 21 608 253
web site:
Description: HIBERNIA MISIONES was established in 1988 as an alcohol distillery and later transformed into what is now a fully equipped organic sugar mill. It is located in the village of Santa María de Fe, 225 kilometers south of Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. This is the area where the Jesuits began their evangelization in the 16th. century. They built protected reservations and missions to educate the indigenous people and showed them how to work the soil and raise cattle. Conservation of the environment is therefore a very high priority in the local community and HIBERNIA MISIONES plays an important and complimentary role in this regard, hence all of our products are 100% organic.
Products / Services: HIBERNIA MISIONES sources organically grown sugar canefrom a total of over 2.500 hectares. Of this, approximately 1.500 hectares are in hands of some 900 private small farmers. We provide regular technical advice and assistance through supply of certified organic seeds and compost, enable and assist local small farmers to keep their farms free of contaminants, and in compliance with certified organic standards. Special emphasis has been placed on the management and rotation of crops for example, such as beans, corn, manioc, etc. and that, combined with strategic use of specific areas for cattle breeding, means that the small farmers have increased self-sufficiency.
Certifier: CERES, Ecocert

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