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Last Updated: May 25, 2018
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  Improvonia Inc.  
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Address: 1101 Connecticut Ave., NW Suite 450
Washington, DC, 20036 USA
Contact: Joagmohan Bansal, Co-Founder
Phone: (301) 602-1257
web site:
Description: The Improvonia app and website are designed to help save both restaurants and their suppliers time and money, while improving the relationships that keep the industry running. We do this by streamlining and organizing the ordering process, so that restaurants can place orders with all their suppliers at once, and vendors can receive those orders in simple, real-time forms. Our easy, intuitive technology allows for customized prices and terms, so that even as we eliminate the repetitive, late-night phone calls, blurry faxes, and choppy voicemails, individual sales relationships aren't sacrificed along the way. On top of all of that, we provide free, real-time statistics and graphs that help businesses easily analyze their spending, and are aiming to make it easier for suppliers to promote organic and natural food, and for buyers to distinguish certified products when they want them.
Products / Services: Support Services offered to food industry businesses. The app is available on both Android ( and iOS ( Signup is quick, painless, and free.

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