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Last Updated: March 17, 2018
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  EnviroKure, Incorporated  
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Address: 5222 E Comly Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19135 USA
Contact: Sonia Nofziger-Dasgupta, VP Commercial Strategy
Phone: (215) 289-9800
web site:
Description: EnviroKure manufactures and distributes pathogen-free, liquid organic fertilizers for agriculture, hydroponics, professional turf, and home & garden. Utilizing proprietary technology, our fertilizers are designed using chicken manure to improve soil health and support precision agriculture practices to improve yields for certified Organic farmers. All products have fast and slow release N, trace amounts of soluble P, 20+ species of beneficial bacteria, and are clog-free in sprayers and fertigation systems. We also produce a specially processed hydroponic line and our turf and home & garden products have a minimal odor profile. The technical team assists in the development of custom fertilization program to meet customer needs.
Products / Services: Fertilizer, liquid organic fertilizer, liquid chicken manure-based fertilizer EK-L SoilBuilder 1-0-1 unamended EK-L SoilBuilder 1.5-0-1 EK-L SoilBuilder 3-0-1 EK-L PlantBuilder 3-0-3 with 1% sulfur P13 Organics 3-0-3 for hydroponics EK-L Home & Garden 3-0.2-2 EK-L Turf Pro 1-0-1 EK-L Turf Pro 3-0-1 Soil Health Testing Custom fertilization planning
Founded: 2011

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