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Last Updated: May 20, 2018
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  Bambino's Baby Food  
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Contact: Zoi Maroudas 
Phone: (907) 301-5932
web site:
Description: Bambinos is an exclusively organic, 100% natural baby food company inspired by the Mediterranean diet with an emphasis on allergy prevention. Products are frozen, nutritionally balanced, savory and tailored to infants specific dietary needs. Bambinos Baby Food recipes for meals and snacks were carefully guided by allergists, pediatricians, moms and worldly chefs ensuring exceptionally high nutritional values with appetizing flavors. Every spoonful offers the perfect amount of protein, grains and multiple servings of vegetables. All vegetables are specifically planted and harvested just for Bambinos in Alaska’s nutrient rich and pure soils. Our proteins are Alaska wild caught Salmon and Halibut an excellent source of natural Omega's. “A Healthy Start is a Healthy Ever After”
Products / Services: Bambinos Baby Food meals come in a standup resealable pouch with 14 (1 ounce) star shaped cubes. Each package hold an average of 4 meals. Baby food is broken in 2 stages 4 months plus (made up of multiple veggies and grains) 5months plus ( Veggies, protein and grains.) We also offer gluten free baby food and biscuits. A specialty product we offer is peanut cookie called Peanut Mani proven and accepted by Allergy Foundation of American for peanut allergy treatment/prevention starting at 4months of age.

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