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Last Updated: March 19, 2018
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Home > Company Name Search > Fromagerie LíAncÍtre Inc.
  Fromagerie LíAncÍtre Inc.  
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Address: 1615 Boul. de Port-Royal
Becancour, QC, G9H 1X7 Canada
Contact: Rock Bisson, General Manager
web site:
Description: Our cheesemakers live by a simple and time honoured philosophy: Offer the best tasting and finest quality organic cheese and butter available, while respecting Mother Nature. You can truly savour the authentic flavour and enjoy the nutritional benefits in every bite. It is this passion, inspired by a love of traditional agriculture, that has made LíAncÍtre Cheese Factory products so popular throughout Canada. In: 1992, a group of 10 dairy farmers had their own ideas about how to work the land. Their determination to return to traditional farming methods based on the ways of their ancestors with consideration for the environment formed the foundation for LíAncetre. They believed that through these farming practices, they would be able to offer the best quality milk that would result in genuine, wholesome and traditional flavour for their cheese and butter. Thatís how LíAncÍtre Cheese Factory began. These visionary farmers also understood the importance of incorporating modern trends and technologies into their everyday farming routines. By fusing past and present, they are now able to provide products of the highest quality, made in an environment that adheres to the strictest standards. L'AncÍtre Cheese Factory proudly offers organic unpasteurized milk cheese, organic pasteurized cheese, as well as salted and unsalted organic butter.
Products / Services: Organic cheeses and butter.
Regions: Canada

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